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How to register

Please sign up following the linkhttps://sc.qlearning.itshown in the top bar or at the center of the website.

You will then receive an email confirming your registration, enabling you to enter the platform using the personal user name and password chosen when registering. In case you forget your username and/or password, new ones can be easily requested. Once you have logged on, you can access your personal area and consult the list of activities shown in the menu.  A comprehensive list of our webinars can be found on the homepage. By clicking the selected event icon, you will find all the information needed.

Applications to sign up for a webinar must be sent to and, within 48 hours, after checking your eligibility, you will receive the access code needed to join the Webinar. Please remember to click on the link only on the day and at the agreed time of the Webinar.

The program used on this Webinar platform is “ZOOM”.


How to download ZOOM

If you don’t already have ZOOM installed on your PC, when you click on the Webinar icon, the following screenshot will open;

Please click “Download and Run ZOOM”.


Click on the .exe file downloaded to install the program.

The program will now be installed. Please wait till the installation is finished


A window will open in which you need to type your email address (in the first box) and your name and surname (in the second box). Then, you need to click on “join Webinar”.

If you prefer not to be identified, you may insert just your name and the first letter of your surname.



Please select one of the following methods of payment - PayPal/credit card or bank transfer.

In case the payment is made through PayPal or credit card, you can directly sign up to the webinar following the instructions. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please email a copy of the payment receipt to the following email address: Within 2 days from the receipt of the payment, you will receive an email, along with the instructions on how to sign up to our webinar.

If you require any further information, please send an email to our agency and we will be glad to assist you.

Once the payment is made and after receiving our confirmation, please click on the link that you will receive from our System Administrator in order to access our sc.qlearning platform. Here, you can click on the webinar icon in order to view the documents related to the Webinar, or, alternatively, you can click on the webinar title shown in your dashboard.

In case of “asynchronous” event, you can avail of the learning material related to the webinar anytime at your convenience.

In case of “synchronous” webinar, please remember to click on the link only on the day and at the agreed time of the webinar.

Multiple dates “synchronous” webinar

In case of multiple dates synchronous webinar, please click on the selected webinar page, where you can find all the dates and the time of the event.

We would like to remind you that attendance to all the dates of the meeting is compulsory, if you want to receive CME credits.

Please inform us by email in case you cannot participate in one or more dates of the webinar due to unforeseen circumstances. We will be glad to assist you and provide you with all the information you need.

Interaction during a “synchronous” webinar

Generally, there is no interaction among the participants during the webinar. Only at the end of the webinar, the participants can “lift their hands” and write their questions in the chatroom. The speakers may request the activation of the microphone and/or the webcam for a better communication with the participant.



1)    Only after the webinar has finished, can you fill out the CME TEST and the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE. In case of “synchronous” e-learning courses, the CME test must be completed within three days after the course has finished.
The CME test is a multiple-choice test consisting of 3 questions for every CME credit. Each question will have 4 possible answers, only 1 of which is correct. In order to pass the test, you need to answer at least 75% of the questions correctly. Please note that the attempts to pass the test are limitless. For this reason, the test is double-randomized, in other words, the questions and answers change randomly and systematically at each attempt.

2)    CUSTOMER SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE: by filling out this questionnaire, you can express your opinion on the relevance of the topics in relation to your training needs and on the educational quality of the CME program; you can also let us know whether this webinar has met your training/educational needs and whether the time spent on the webinar was adequate for learning. In case of a sponsored event, you can also inform us if you think that the course was influenced by commercial interests. The test is anonymous.

3)    C.M.E. ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATE: after attending the course, completing the CME test and filling out the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire as outlined above, the participants can download their Attendance Certificate with the number of CME credits obtained for the current year.

Computer equipment required to participate in the E-learning courses:

1.   Operating System

Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher - Linux - Google Chrome OS

a.   Mobile Devices

Android OS 4.4 (Kit Kat) - Android 9 or higher - iOS 10 or higher - Windows Phone 8+, Windows 8RT+


2.   Browser Web

The 2 most recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari are recommended, Internet Exporer11/Edge (not recommended).


3.   Internet Connection

a.   Computer

Minimum 1 Mbps (broad band recommended)

b.   Mobile phone

Minimum 3G connection (Wi-Fi recommended for VoIP Audio)


4.   Hardware

At least 2GB RAM for mobile phones or 4GB RAM for PCs (recommended)

Microphone and speakers (headsets recommended)


5.  >Applications for viewing PDF files

Adobe Reader


6.   Plug-ins

Adobe Flash Player 10.0 or higher.

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